I get the bag
Gucci Mane feat. Migos

Bitch, I'm a dog, eat my treat (hrr) 
Hop out the frog and leap (leap) 
I put them bricks in the Phantom 
My bitch, she walk around like she Kris Jenner (Kris Jenner) 
I used to break and then enter 
Then Takeoff run 'em like the game of temple (whew) 
It's simple, I play with the mental 
Mama said she saw me on Jimmy Kimmel (mama) 
Canada, 'cause I'm a money symbol 
Walkin' with the racks, I'm lookin' crippled (money) 
Fuck on that bitch then I tip her (tip her) 
A nickel for me to take pictures (nickel) 
Not from L.A. but I clip her (brr) 
Double my cup, pour a triple (Actavis) 
Fox on my body, no Vivica (fox on my) 
I'm not your average or typical (I'm not your) 
Look at my wrist, and it's critical (look at the) 
Hold it up, droppin' the temperature (droppin' the) 
I get that bag on the regular (bag) 
I got a bag on my cellular (brr) 
Backin' up, baggin' up vegetables (bag) 
Baggin' up cookies, it's medical (cookies) 
Cocaine, codeine, et cetera (white) 
Cocaine and lean, it's federal (white) 
I take off, landin' on Nebula 
As of now 20 M's on my schedule (Takeoff)


I know that these niggas gettin' sick of me (eww-ah) 
These chains on my neck cost a mil' a piece (umm) 
I won't even like to freestyle for free 
I put in the key and I ride the beat (whirr) 
I won't even come out the house for free 
I pay a nigga to drive for me (huh?) 
Jay Z couldn't even co-sign for me 
I do what I want, 'cause I'm signed to me (damn) 
I get the, I get the, I get the bag 
They get the bag, had to cut it in half (whoa) 
Stop the comparin', y'all makin' me laugh 
Need the rehab, I'm addicted to cash (Gucci) 
Convertible Wop, convertible top 
My dope got a vertical, look at it hop 
Skrrt, skrrt, skrrt, and it jump out the pot (pot) 
Came out of jail and went straight to the top 
Take it easy, baby, middle of summer, I'm freezin', baby
Don't leave me, baby 
Just drop to your knees and please me, baby (don't) 
I'm fascinated, two bitches so fine that I masturbated (hah) 
Congratulations, she brain me so good that I graduated
They had to hate it 
I don't fuck with them niggas, they plastic, baby (heh) 
I trap a baby, I rap but own all my masters, baby 
It's tragic, baby, I pull up and fuck up the traffic, baby (hah) 
I'm savage, baby 
I'm killin' these niggas, closed casket, baby (ayy, Wop)


Hah, it's Gucci... It's Drop Top (skrrt) ... Wizop, hoo (skrrt)

You get the bag and fumble it 
I get the bag and flip it and tumble it (yeah) 
Straight out the lot, threehundred cash (cash) 
And the car came with a blunt in it (yeah) 
Lil mama a thot, and she got ass (thot) 
And she gon' fuck up a bag (yeah) 
Pull up to the spot, livin' too fast (yeah) 
Droppin' the dope in the stash (yah) 
In Italy, got two foreign hoes, they DM me (ooh, brr, ayy) 
Drop the top when it's cold (drop top) 
But you feel the heat (skrrt, yah, ayy) 
Be real with me, keep it 100 (whoa) 
Just be real with me (ayy) 
Eat it up like it's a feast (whoa, eat it up) 
They say the dope on fleek (yep)

Percocet pill on me (Percocet) 
Ice on my neck, baby, chill with me (ice) 
Them niggas that flex in the back don't say nothin' 
Them niggas will kill for me
Back ends I count 'em asleep, on fleek 
100k spent on a Patek Phillippe (Phillippe)