Let you down

What else should I carry for you? 
I cared for you, but 
Yeah, you don't wanna make this work 
You just wanna make this worse 
Want me to listen to you 
But you don't ever hear my words 
You don't wanna know my hurt, yet 
Let me guess you want an apology, probably 
How can we keep going at a rate like this? 
We can't, so I guess I'ma have to leave 
Please don't come after me 
I just wanna be alone right now, I don't really wanna think at all 
Go ahead, just drink it off 
Both know you're gonna call tomorrow like nothing's wrong 
Ain't that what you always do? 
I feel like every time I talk to you, you're in an awful mood 
What else can I offer you? 
There's nothing left right now, I gave it all to you

Yeah, don't talk down to me 
That's not gonna work now 
Packed all my clothes and I moved out
 I don't even wanna go to your house 
Everytime I sit on that couch 
I feel like you lecture me 
Eventually, I bet that we 
Could have made this work 
And probably woulda figured things out 
But I guess that I'm a letdown 
But it's cool, I checked out 
Oh, you wanna be friends now? 
Okay, let's put my fake face on and pretend now 
Sit around and talk about the good times 
That didn't even happen 
I mean, why are you laughing? 
Must have missed that joke 
Let me see if I can find a reaction 
No, but at least you're happy 
I'm sorry 
I'm so sorry now 
I'm sorry 
That I let you down

Written by Tommee Profitt, Nate Feuerstein • Copyright © Capitol Christian Music Group
Feels like we're on the edge right now 
I wish that I could say I'm proud 
I'm sorry that I let you down 
Let you down 
All these voices in my head get loud 
I wish that I could shut them out 
I'm sorry that I let you down 
L-l-let you down 
Yeah, I guess I'm a disappointment 
Doing everything I can, I don't wanna make you disappointed 
It's annoying 
I just wanna make you feel like everything I ever did wasn't ever tryna make an issue for you 
But, I guess the more you 
Thought about everything, you were never even wrong in the first place, right? 
Yeah, I'ma just ignore you 
Walking towards you, with my head down, lookin' at the ground, I'm embarrassed for you 
Paranoia, what did I do wrong this time? That's parents for you 
Very loyal? 
Shoulda had my back, but you put a knife into my hands